WordPress stands concrete on its feet with an unmatchable reputation in the website business, Many developers choose to develop their website on this platform for several reasons. Lets quickly skim through those reasons to support the above statements:

WordPress development tends to be cheaper than most other platforms, as it’s open-source, there are community of WordPress developers out there constantly creating updates, plugins and themes at our disposal.

WordPress is simple to use. It already has many built in functions, as well as dragging drag & drop components which are easy to use. A Website developed on WordPress takes much less time to complete. If you tend to use any other platform then it might take you way more time than you would imagine.

A User Friendly Platform:

WordPress is also regarded as a user friendly platform, which means that whosoever works on it will certainly enjoy the experience. The colour scheme used on this platform is very eye catching and elegant.

The most intriguing feature of WordPress is that it is search engine friendly. It is every man’s dream of having his website ranked on the top of the list. WordPress has been designed in a way that the website will have good chances to rank high and attract traffic.

Moreover WordPress can also be hosted very easily since almost 60% of the websites online use it. This means any modern hosting company will have dedicated hosting environments setup to host your website, many also offer 1 click installation of the software onto their server.

WordPress Developer in Benfleet

Benfleet is a small town in the county of Essex. Klever media has been working as a WordPress developer for local bsuinesses in Benfleet for over 9 years, and have a history of providing top notch work as far as website design is concerned. Hence, a WordPress developer in Benfleet is just a click away.

An average Essex WordPress developer will charge you less than an average Londoner. WordPress developing has become a recent trend which is why many people are opting for this option.