Why Are Google Reviews Important for Business?

With the global trend on reliance of technology today, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the population (4.57 billion with internet access) relies on online data before making a decision. These decisions could be from recommendations by friends, family & colleagues or online research, including customer feedback and reviews of your business or product; the latter of which is a significant issue for many businesses.

This is, therefore, why online google reviews today have become the new ‘trust-rating’ factor that businesses can no longer ignore. Positive customer feedback doesn’t only assist online businesses to strengthen their credibility amongst prospective customers but also acts as an essential marketing tool that helps them to a better position in Googles search results.

What Are Google Reviews?

In case you have no idea what Google reviews are, they are essentially comments, feedback, ratings, or videos from people who have actually invested in a specific product or business. People share their experience, positive or negative regarding a company and the services on Google business listings without having to worry about being censored; which often is the case with many other prominent review websites. Google, under no circumstances, deletes honest feedback and thus provides a unique and honest profile of a product or business which is critical to the business’s appeal to potential customers.

Here Are the Top Reasons Why Every Business Should Take Advantage of Google Reviews:

1. They Increase A Potential Customer’s Trust in A New Business

There are hundreds of businesses offering similar goods and services, some of which offer counterfeit and substandard ones. This makes a lot of customers skeptical and hesitant to trust a new business, even if all their products are authentic and well marketed.

This warrants the need for a platform where genuine buyers can share their experience (like a review of the product) and provide interested individuals with evidence of authenticity.

Google reviews thus not only helps people find quality products, but they also help honest businesses and entrepreneurs to increase sales, in addition to building a reputation.

Have in mind that about 99% of the population look at google reviews, and of these, about 70% will only invest in a commodity after assurance that it is worth their money.

2. They Increase Online Exposure & Local SEO

To have a concrete online presence, you should also follow the best practices of local SEO, which is quite similar to SEO, with the difference being its approach towards organic search position is more focused on one city or even locality. The advantage of doing local SEO, which is an integral part of any local business marketing strategy, is that you gain exposure at the local level to your target customers to whom you can provide better one-to-one fast and timely services and tailor the product based upon customer’s specific needs.

Despite not having intricate details about Google’s search algorithms, one thing is definite: the more signals a business has, the more the popularity. If you, therefore, want your business to appear top when customers are looking for services and products, engage your clients in google reviews.

3. Data Collection and Customer Intelligence.

By seeing your client’s value, you can use the feedback to improve the quality of service, as well as positive criticism. This not only allows you to see if you’re actually doing a good job but also gives you an idea of what other people would be looking for in return. This all comes free of charge, yet it is an invaluable asset to any business. It is an easy way to conduct customer surveys and respond accordingly.

The benefits of google reviews to a business are many, with these being the most important. Every business should take advantage of this and many other platforms that offer an opportunity to review a business!